Discover Verruca Clinic Glasgow – Your Ultimate Solution for Verruca Treatment

Are you tired of dealing with persistent verrucas? At Verruca Clinic Glasgow, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your needs. Experience the expertise of our dedicated team and finally achieve the clear skin you've been longing for.

At Verruca Clinic Glasgow, we specialise in treating all types of verrucas with state-of-the-art technology.

Who would benefit from our services:

Athletes who frequently use communal showers and swimming pools.

Children who have developed verrucas due to barefoot activities at school or playgrounds.

Adults struggling with long-term verrucas that have resisted over-the-counter treatments.

Elderly individuals whose immune systems may be less effective at combating viral infections.

Professionals who need to eliminate verrucas quickly for aesthetic reasons or job requirements.

People with diabetes as their condition can make them more susceptible to complications from untreated skin conditions


Hear about what patients sayu.

Our treatments are going to:

provoke an immune response

Reduce any pain

STOP spreading to friends and family

What our past cliants say

What are the costs?

Swift: You will have 3 appointments spaced 4 weeks apart. Each treatment is £125. Some clints will need to have more than the 3 treatments. We will dicuss this with you during your consultation.

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